Our History

The Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC) organization was formed in July of 1998 by merging three existing medical clinics that had provided care to low-income patients since the 1970s. The Isla Vista Health Projects opened in 1970, followed shortly by the Carrillo Clinic (originally the Freedom Clinic) in 1971, and the Westside Clinic in 1973.
1973 SBNC Begins
All three clinics shared a common belief in providing medical services for families regardless of their ability to pay, and were created on the philosophy that obtaining quality medical care is a fundamental right for all people. More than that, each of the clinics is, and has been an intrinsic part of its community and neighborhood. Because of their close relationships with the surrounding community and awareness of their neighborhood's special needs, a strong bond of trust has been formed between patients and each of our clinics.
doctor and young patient
Today, SBNC consists of 4 medical clinics, 2 dental clinics and health promotion services. We are a critical health safety net for Santa Barbara County and provide care to nearly 17,000 unduplicated low-income patients a year. In fiscal year 2012, SBNC was responsible for over 70,000 patient and health education visits.