Dental Residency Program

Our Advanced Education In General Dentistry Residency program offers extensive training in all aspects of Advanced General Dentistry for patients of all ages and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and complex medical problems. Treatments performed include:

• Endodontic Treatment with rotary files (including molars)
• Surgical extractions of all teeth including impacted teeth
• Surgical removal of tori
• Biopsy surgery
• Periodontal therapy including pocket reduction- and crown lengthening surgeries
• Crowns and Bridges
• Complete and partial dentures
• Implant overdentures
• Implant placements and implant restorations including CBCT and computer guided surgery
• Restorative Dentistry including all ceramic onlays, inlays and crowns.

If you are a dental student or dentist looking for more information about our AEGD Dental Residency Program please visit
In partnership with New York University-Lutheran Medical Center, SBNC offers a 1 year AEGD Residency Programs at its 2 dental clinics: Eastside Family Dental Clinic and Goleta Neighborhood Dental Clinic.
We participate in PASS (AEGD #172). Applications can be made to PASS for the Match process. However, if our position(s) are not filled through the Match process, post-Match applicants may apply directly to our program in January, right after Match result is announced. Please check LMC website to see if we have unfilled position(s) post-Match.

Dental Residency

Application requirements include:

  1. Resume / CV
  2. Dental School Transcript
  3. National Board(s) result
  4. Dean's letter of recommendation
  5. Two letters of recommendation from Clinical faculty
  6. Personal Statement/Essay

To be sent (Post-Match, only) to:

Dr. Domenic Caluori, Chief Dental Officer
Eastside Family Dental Clinic
923 N. Milpas St Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Phone: (805) 884-1998